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Brunch Weddings: Creating a New Wedding Experience

Most couples choose late afternoon or evening weddings, but brunch weddings are increasingly popular as a fresh and unique alternative. If you and your guests are early birds, then a brunch wedding may be the perfect choice for your wedding. Below, we discuss key points that will ensure your brunch wedding is an enjoyable event for you and your guests.

Picking Your Venues

When choosing the venues for your brunch wedding, it’s important to view them during the time of day you will hold the ceremony and reception. Be sure to check for natural lighting and if the room remains comfortable throughout the day. Also confirm that daytime activities around the venues won’t interrupt your events. Furthermore, consider the time of year. When the weather is comfortable, a garden or beach can be the perfect location for any brunch wedding. For decorating, you don’t have to sacrifice a festive ambiance just because you have an early start. The atmosphere can be as relaxed or formal as you wish – from a picnic theme to a set three-course meal with fine china.

Creating and Serving Your Brunch

Your guests might struggle to handle heavy food in the morning and early afternoon, so we’d recommend serving refreshing drinks such flavored water, fresh juices, mimosas, light cocktails, coffee, and tea. Proving a coffee and tea bar with fresh cups of popular varieties is sure to be a real winner with your guests. Go light on the bubbly and make sure that it’s served after your guests have eaten some food. A fresh juice station with an attendant ready to make delicious blends and smoothies will bring a lively touch to the reception. Along with the drinks selection, some light nibbles like scrambled egg tartlets and mini French toast, along with some fruit, are the perfect refreshments before the main course.

Brunch can be served as a buffet style or as a seated meal - whichever suits your venue, number of guests, and budget. And the menu doesn’t need to be limited to scrambled eggs with cheese and sausage. Healthful offerings, like organic yogurt, egg-white omelets, frittatas, poached salmon, vegetable tarts, grilled veggies, and whole grain baked goods give your guests a wide choice of wholesome dishes. If you want to avoid a buffet but don’t like the formality of a set meal, try food stations as an alternative. With an omelet station, French toast station, or a crepe/pancake station, guests can personalize their dishes and enjoy the cooking demonstrations as well.

Choosing your dress

When it comes to picking your wedding attire, you can dress it up or down. It is your special day after all, so you can make the rules. As it is with the venue, be aware of the time of year. You want to be comfortable and able to move around freely. Brunches tend to be laid back affair, we suggest a shorter and more playful wedding dress or perhaps linen shorts and a button down shirt.

What About the Cake?

And you don’t have to give up your wedding cake just because it’s an earlier event. Try carrot, lemon, angel food cake, or cheesecake, which are lighter than traditional cake with fondant. If you think that a full wedding cake would be too heavy for the time of day, how about stacking donuts to create tiered ‘cake’ as well as fun display? Each tier can be a different flavor or a variety of donuts can be mixed throughout for the display.

A brunch wedding will be a change from the ordinary for your guests and a chance for you to design a distinctly different wedding and reception to celebrate with family and friends. To find out more about brunch weddings, contact Party Social at info@partysocial.ae