A Diwali inspired table setup with a group of candles, with a warm and inviting ambiance for parties and events.

STYLE GUIDE – A Diwali look by The Big Night

An interview with one of our sweetest customers, The Big Night, owned and managed by husband and wife team, Gauri and Kunal Rupani. An event agency that focuses on event conceptualization and planning, The Big Night caters to both private and corporate functions.

We’ve also asked them to share some of their thoughts as event organisers:

1. How did you decide to start an event agency together?

The Big Night actually came to life through our own journey of getting married! We absolutely fell in love with the creative process that creates memories that truly last for a lifetime. With a background in film directing and real estate we were quickly bitten with the desire to bring spaces to life and tell thematically stories to create experiences that remain unforgettable. “Time Travelling” is in our DNA leaving us with a deep desire to create luxury lifestyle events that transport and transform you into another space and another time. Our clients include the likes of: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, YPO (Young Presidents Organization), Opening events for exclusive restaurants in Dubai, Exclusive high fashion independent trunk shows in Dubai for renowned international designers such as Tarun Tahiliani, Weddings, Social Events and many more.

2. How do you come up with ideas for your themes and looks?

We actually look at events as ‘stories’ as we find it to be a magical experience to be lost in a different space and world. With the influence of telling stories in film, our creative process begins by understanding the ‘pulse’ of the event. What do we want people to feel? Once we understand this tone and rhythm we begin to dive deeper by adding layer and layer onto the storytelling of the design. We constantly let the emotions and characters of this ‘pulse’ guide us forward. We think there is a sense of magic when you let your curiosity of the unknown guide you forward. This organic process of storytelling is the heart & uniqueness of The Big Night.

3. What has been a memorable event that you have planned?

We recently planned the opening party for the Emirates Chapter of YPO. This by far has been the greatest ‘story’ we have told thus yet. The entire development of our design process began with a brief that consisted of just three words – “A Purposeful Life.” As we began to dive deeper to define this we realized each person’s purpose is unique and ever evolving. This gave birth to the story of our event which was driven by ‘Mr. Purpose’ taking guests through the reflection of the different purposes of life; adventure, curiosity, growth, acceptance, heart, surprise to name a few. As guests “Time Travelled” through this world they embarked on a memorable sensory experience right from clowns serving them food, a ring for service wall, TV heads, mermaids and most of all our very own clients grand entrance inside the aquarium of Atlantis! Need we say more…

4. What was your inspiration for this tablescape?

We feel India as a whole has evolved dramatically as a new wave of Modern India is born. We feel the beauty of festivities in India are still deep rooted but have surely developed into a modern tonality. People are searching for something new and fresh but yet searching for something that allows them to express their heritage. “Eternal Lust” was inspired by the bridge of old age India, in its deep reds and jasmine meeting the modern day India of candle work and simplicity. Diwali, being the festival of light is redefined with “Eternal Lust.”

5. What do you think are the elements of creating a memorable event?

Connection. Connection. Connection.
One of the driving forces for us to create The Big Night was the lack of human connection we felt at events. We strongly feel that the event has to come to life by creating a sensory emotional experience for the guests. We feel the magic is when you tap into this. This is created by the different elements right from decor, sound, light, food, entertainment connecting and interacting with one another and the guests within the ‘beat’ of the event.

6. What does the art of entertaining mean to you as a planner and stylist?

For us at The Big Night, storytelling runs in our blood! When we are able to share this with our clients and enjoy the positive experience the guests are having at our events – it is a very rewarding and satisfying feeling. It is very fascinating to understand how much can be communicated through an event and there is no greater feeling than this being experienced at the other end.

7. What trends do you feel will be affecting the events industry this year?

We feel a lot more emphasis will be placed on experiential events. Events that arouse emotions, discovery & curiosity. As the everyday person becomes more and more saturated with information we find that more and more immersive events are popping up. It would be interesting to see how this plays out, perhaps technology will play a role in this too.If you feel there is a question that we haven’t included but would like to include, please let us know.

Conceptualization & Planning: @thebignightdxb
Furniture & Tabletop Rentals: @partysocialuae
Model: @lovepreetkaur_
Photographer/Video: @imprintstudio
Make up: @mahabat_makeup_artist
Hair Stylist :@annaabunabhan
Costume @roxx_fashion
Venue: @palazzoversacedubai
Candelabra: @vintagebloomdxb