A festive  Christmas table setting with pine cones, candles, and a decorative napkin.

Ditch the Dinner Drama: Mastering the Art of the Christmas Tablescape in Minutes

The twinkle of fairy lights, the aroma of a fabulously festive feast, the echo of laughter… Christmas is a time for magic, for connection, for creating memories that linger long after the last bauble is tucked away. And at the heart of this heartwarming magic often sits the scene of the feast – the Christmas table.

But let's be honest, crafting that picture-perfect tablescape can feel like its own little holiday drama. Endless shopping trips, mountains of Pinterest inspiration, hours spent meticulously arranging… it can all leave you longing for some festive spirit instead of another trip to the mall!?

Fear not! This year, Party Social has come together with Maya Toubia, the renowned UAE-based Events and Wedding Planner who has been awarded Best Wedding Floral Designer 2023 and Dubai Top 15 Wedding Planners; Maya is an expert when it comes to setting the perfect table to wow your guests!

So, forget the stress and embrace the festive joy with our curated Christmas Tablescape Boxes – your instant ticket to a stunning table, minus the drama.

Meet Maya Toubia's Masterpieces:

Maya, a maestro of creating unforgettable atmospheres, has poured her magic into three distinct tablescape boxes, each a feast for the eyes and a testament to her signature style. Dive into:

The Holly Box: 

A timeless symphony of rich reds and classic Christmas charm. This beautifully vibrant table setting  whispers elegance with a luxurious tablecloth and matching napkins, a faux foliage centerpiece adorned with berries and baubles, and twinkling candles to ignite the holiday spirit.

The Alpine Fir Box:

Breathe in the crisp winter air of a rustic wonderland. This box invites you to cozy up with its dark tones, a pine cone-dotted centerpiece, and candles that cast warm shadows – perfect for those seeking a sophisticated touch of nature's beauty.

The Festive Star Box:

Let your inner star shine with this modern marvel. Gleaming with metallic accents and shimmering details, this box brings the night sky to your table, featuring a captivating centerpiece, sleek candles, and a touch of contemporary chic.

Beyond the Box:

Each tablescape box caters to parties of 4 or 6, but the magic doesn't stop there. You can easily expand your guest list by ordering multiple boxes or exploring our additional rental options. Add sleek tableware, gleaming cutlery, and elegant glassware to complete the picture. We even have furniture rentals, ensuring everyone enjoys the festivities in stylish comfort.

Stress-Free Christmas Magic:

Imagine this: instead of last-minute, frantic shopping sprees and Pinterest-induced panic, you simply open your pre-packaged tablescape box. In minutes, you've transformed your dining space into a masterpiece, the air buzzing with anticipation and excitement. The only drama? Trying to choose between roast turkey and glazed ham!

So, this Christmas, say goodbye to the pre-holiday frenzy and embrace the ease of Party Social's curated tablescapes. Let Maya Toubia's creativity be your secret weapon, let convenience be your gift, and let your table be the stage for memories that will sparkle long after the last cracker is pulled.

Ready to ditch the dinner drama and celebrate in style? Visit our website today to browse our stunning Christmas tablescape boxes and make your festive season truly unforgettable!

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