A long floral arrangement on a table with ombre effect from fuschia to white.

Ombre: Colorful Sophistication That’s Not Just for Hair

What is Ombre?

From the French word, “ombré,” meaning, “shaded,” ombre is a gradient shading of color from dark to light. You may be familiar with the ombre hair coloring style that has dominated 2014\2015, but ombre is proving popular with wedding decorations as well. From dresses to floral arrangements, and even the wedding cake, ombre brings a burst of color without overwhelming the setting. Below, we give you some ideal areas where you can use ombre in your wedding.

Floral Arrangements

Whether you are keeping it simple with minimalist centerpieces, or planning a floral paradise, incorporating ombre arrangements into your plans will bring a sophisticated touch of color to your wedding. For centerpieces, your flowers can be arranged to run down the center of the table, creating a line of gradient hue. For circular tables, add a burst of color with either a dark or light center with it fading or increasing from the center point.

Hanging floral decorations are ideal for showcasing ombre, with a cascade of color providing a perfect background for photos. Consider including either simple strings of flowers or fuller arrangements, suspended from the ceiling or a separate support at various lengths, to create a unique photography area for the wedding party and guests to enjoy.

And don’t forget about your bouquet! Creating an ombre effect with your wedding colours in your bouquet is the perfect way to complete the effect. You can also include it on a smaller scale with the bridesmaids’ bouquets and groomsmen’s boutonneires.

Bridesmaids Dresses

No matter the style, choosing ombre coloring for your bridesmaids’ dresses will add a touch of stylish fun to your wedding party. The dresses can be matching with the same ombre coloring or each dress can be solidly colored with different shades so that the ombre effect is achieved as a group. If you want just a hint of ombre, you can focus on just the lower half of the dress or under layer, covered with lace or tulle, or include an ombre shawl with the bridesmaids’ wardrobe.

Wedding Cake

An ombre wedding cake will stand out in the reception and definitely catch the eye of you guidance. As saying goes, “ people eat with their eyes first,” so why not give them a beautiful looking sweet treat after all. For a vibrant effect, you can incorporate an ombre color scheme with cascading flowers over the cake. If you are going the subtle route, we recommend the watercolor method showcasing the soft color hues.

As a small flourish or overall theme, ombre can be applied to almost any aspect of your wedding decorations. Your wedding cake’s tiers will look delicious and exquisite with ombre shading or with a sweep of delicate ombre sugar flowers cascading down the side. From your invitations to your place cards, ombre paper unites your color theme without conflicting with your other decorative elements. You can even choose an ombre effect for your nail polish, hair, and wedding dress.

With its versatility and natural elegance, choosing ombre for your wedding is sure to add an extra touch of colorful sophistication. For more information on choosing an ombre color theme, contact us at info@partysocial.ae