A candle centerpiece with pine cones and a glass holder.

Sans Fleur: Creating Captivating Non-Floral Centerpieces

Don’t tell your florist, but you can have beautiful centerpieces without flowers (and their often hefty price tag). Non-floral centerpieces create a great focal point for your tablescape and give you an opportunity to capture the unique ambiance of your event. Plus, without flowers, centerpieces can be designed and stored in advance, saving you both time and money. Whatever the occasion, you’ll want to try these flower-free centerpiece options for your next get-together. No matter what you chose, a non-floral centerpiece is sure to leave an impression on your guests and give any event a festively creative flair.

Paper Perfection

Rather than using fresh flowers, try paper flowers instead. With paper flowers, there’s no need to rely on Mother Nature – your only limit is your imagination! Use a variety of papers, including tissue paper, rice paper, and even the pages of old books. For a whimsical touch, pair your paper flowers with pinwheels or origami in an empty glass bottle or jam jar to give a festive touch that’s perfect for summer parties and birthday celebrations.

Gorgeous in Green

Just because you don’t use flowers doesn’t mean your centerpiece can’t have any greenery. With live succulents, moss, and herbs, your guests can enjoy a refreshingly vibrant tables cape that adds a dash of nature to your event. If you’d rather not use live plants, cut greens like palm branches, ferns, and myrtle require some upkeep, but not as much as flowers. Cut greens also stay fresh longer than floral arrangements and can be stored for extended periods. Arrange succulents in glass vases or rustic wooden crates to create a lasting party favor. For a stronger statement, place cut greens down the length of the table with candles interspersed throughout. These centerpieces make a great statement for a refreshing spring weddings and parties.

Lantern in Love

Lanterns come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes; thus, whatever your theme might be, you will surely find one that fits your style. Also, lanterns can be very versatile. A candle lit lantern can create a soft romantic mood to your occasion. On the other hand, a simple lantern with a colorful candle will give a more playful and thrilling ambience.



Fruitful Favors

The entrée doesn’t have to be the only delicious item on the table. With fruit centerpieces, you can complement your event’s color scheme as well as provide your guests with a delicious (and nutritious!) snack and party favor. You can choose a simple arrangement on a decorative plate or create a display by filling glass vases with a variety fruits topped with a candle for a one-of-a-kind centerpiece. If you are not bothered with offering something edible, you can use papier-mâché fruits, painted in shades to match your theme or monochromatic to include other objects, like seashells or pinecones. These arrangements make lovely additions to weddings, barbecues, and lawn parties.


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